YouTube announces streaming TV service, $35 per month

YouTube announces streaming TV service, $35 per month

In practice, it looks a lot like the streaming services that have entered the market before it, but with a healthy dose of trademark Google simplicity and powerful artificial intelligence behind the scenes.

YouTube TV comes a little more than a year after YouTube began to make a serious effort to push beyond its ad-supported roots with the launch of YouTube Red, a $10-per-month streaming service that offers original programming and an ad-free experience.

The four main staples are ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

A component of the service will be live programming, such as awards shows and sports. It will offer a base package of about three dozen channels and be priced at $35. For kids, there's Disney Channel and Sprout. Add-ons such as Showtime will also be available.

YouTube TV is created to give users access to their favorite live television content without the burden of a cable or satellite subscription. To find out whether the service is available to you, hit up this link.

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But unlike DirecTV Now and Sling TV, Google failed to nail down agreements with Time Warner (TWX), owner of TNT, TBS and CNN, as well as Viacom's (VIAB) major networks MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

Google's aim is to make watching TV more like watching YouTube, so one of the big selling points is Cloud DVR. Add "Los Angeles Lakers" to your favorites list, for instance, and the service will automatically record all Lakers games.

"It's no question millennials love great TV content but what we've seen is they don't want to watch it in traditional setting", YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said at a packed YouTube press event.

"YouTube TV" is live TV "designed for the YouTube generation", according to YouTube's official blog. They can also record as many programs as they want.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told Bloomberg that YouTube TV is created to be "great for sports lovers", and that it will include pro and college football, basketball, baseball, and other sports. National Football League games will be available through TV and desktop, but not mobile, YouTube said.