Teacher raises $60K to 'buy' senator's vote on DeVos

Teacher raises $60K to 'buy' senator's vote on DeVos

As the new presidential administration got underway, there was much controversy over many of President Trump's selections for his cabinet, among them, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. A final vote to confirm her is expected to come next week, with the outcome resting on a razor-thin margin.

After a heated debate Tuesday morning, senators on the Health, Education, Pensions and Labor Committee have voted 12-11 along partisan lines to support DeVos' nomination, sending it to the full Senate for action.

"She is missing the biggest piece of the puzzle, which is to wholeheartedly support public school as well as the needs and dilemmas of all kinds of students", said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association. A 50-50 tie in the Senate would be decided by Vice President Mike Pence. Two Republican senators have said they won't support DeVos. None of DeVos' children have attended a public school. He said DeVos will seek to diminish federal control over education and give more power to states and locales on such issues as academic standards, teacher evaluations and vouchers.

The ads are being paid for by a conservative group called America Next, which has both ads posted on its website, and is led by Bobby Jindal, the former Louisiana governor who had a short-lived campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

"I think there's a gendered thing", to how harshly DeVos has been judged, he says.

Thousands of people across the country have been writing, emailing and calling their senators to voice their opposition to Betsy DeVos, a billionaire from MI who has no experience in public education.

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Later in the day, he is also expected to address another rally in the poll bound state's Sangnur. But we do not talk saying that we will send so and so to jail", he said.

Other people started a GoFundMe.com campaigns to "buy" the votes of other senators who had accepted donations from DeVos, including Sens. What is even more remarkable, these charter schools are often housed in the very same buildings, in the very same ghettoes, where students in the regular public schools fail to learn even the basics in English or math.

"She should not get this job with no experience in education other than trying to get rid of public schools", wrote Patricia, from Bottineau County. Her support of anti-LGBT organizations and her advocacy for conservative religious values have also caused concerns that she will be a weak advocate for the LGBT community and other minorities.

The Democrats don't have the votes and I hope the GOP rallies the warning bells to ensure she gets the votes and the meltdown of the leftists can continue. Teachers' unions had little use for John King, the charter-school founder who served with distinction as both the NY and USA education chief.

The nomination is finding stern opposition from Democrats. The president adds that DeVos appears to have a clear lack of experience in working with public schools.

Given the desperate need to inject innovation into many public schools, especially those serving low-income students, we sympathize with some of DeVos' reform instincts, particularly her affinity for charter schools.