Tillers confirmed Secretary of State: Durbin, Duckworth vote no

Tillers confirmed Secretary of State: Durbin, Duckworth vote no

The Senate approved Tillerson, a former CEO of Exxon Mobil, in a 56 to 43 vote nearly completely along party lines Wednesday afternoon.

Only a handful of Trump's Cabinet picks have been confirmed to step into their roles.

"I'm going to vote for Rex Tillerson in spite of some significant reservations about Exxon Mobil and about his ties to Russian Federation because I think he'll give the president the kind of independent advice that he needs", King said on Tuesday. A cloture vote, created to prevent filibustering, only requires a simply majority of 51 votes.

"Putting a company's interest before American interest is inexcusable and a disqualifying characteristic for America's next secretary of State", Donnelly said.

The vote, 56-43, puts a man who has negotiated business deals with countries around the world, including some hostile to the United States, in position to negotiate on behalf of Trump in matters of war and peace, climate change and human rights.

Democrats scuttled a planned vote on Tuesday in the wake of Mr Trump's decision to fire acting Attorney-General Sally Yates.

His tenures as senator and vice president behind him, Joe Biden is taking a first step to translate the work of more than four decades in public service into private life. His nomination was approved by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in a party-line vote last week, after Sen.

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"Rex Tillerson's extensive career will bring a unique perspective to the State Department, and I believe he will provide wise counsel and objective advice to the president on our nation's foreign policy", Manchin said in a statement announcing his intention to vote in favor.

"To suggest he didn't have an impact on these executive orders is misleading", Sen.

"In response, committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R) Iowa said Sessions "was not involved" in drafting the order against Yates".

Hatch said he made the move after getting an OK from the Senate Parliamentarian Office and that every Republican member of the committee was present and voting, exceeding the one-third requirement for a so-called "quorum".

Sen. Susan Collins (R) ME and Sen.

Tillerson's appointment to the post seemed to come out of nowhere amid President Trump's transition period.

If no other Republican breaks ranks, Devos would still win confirmation because a 50-50 tie would force Vice President Mike Pence to support the president's nominee with a tie-breaking "yes" vote.