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In a statement, the FFA said it was "awaiting official notification from Fifa and the Asian Football Confederation on the status of the Australia v Thailand 2018 Fifa World Cup qualifier due to be played in Bangkok ". "Second, we might have to find a neutral venue to play if the first option fails". "Football Federation Australia is now awaiting official notification from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation on the status of the Australia v Thailand 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier due ...

In the second segment, the order will be reversed, with the lead-off question going to Trump, then Clinton. "Sign up to donate to Hillary's campaign every time Donald tweets!" Vox will run a rush transcript of the debate below the live stream video.

The Pixel's camera may be the best of the bunch, but you can get one nearly as good for much less money. Google's newly released smartphones - Pixel and Pixel XL - are selling like hotcakes in the United States, at least that's what online stores indicate.

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They staged demonstrations urging the Central government to constitute the Cauvery Management Board for the welfare of Tamil Nadu "s delta districts at the earliest.In Salem Junction (Salem city), more than 1,000 DMK cadres led by Salem central district MLA, Panamarathupatti R Rajendran, gathered to stage the rail roko ".

He said none of the recent revelations have impacted his support for Trump or dislike of Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker. You can see Donald Trump is still drumming up enthusiasm some from supporters here in Green Bay . Earlier in the day, a pair of Wisconsin Democratic leaders urged Republicans to renounce Trump in the wake of allegations that he groped women, and Trump's repeated claims that the election has been rigged to elect Clinton.

The lone bright spot for Trump appears to be his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. For months, Trump has suggested that there could be actual rigging of voting systems. Trump's assertions have been criticized as unsafe as it seems to raise the prospect of his supporters lashing out if he loses. By Sunday he was saying explicitly: "We'll accept the will of the American people".

Three people with knowledge of the conversation say Kushner disused the media venture the with the firm's founder, Aryeh Bourkoff . Here's the short version: The technology to get a video subscription service up and running is now easy to master, and Trump has a large base of potential subscribers to convert.

U.S. District Judge Mark Walker's ruling was a victory for the Florida Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee, which sued the state October 3 arguing Florida canvassing boards shouldn't immediately reject a ballot if a voter's signature doesn't match the one on file.

From Sunday 16 October 2016, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices can no longer be carried on Virgin Australia flights. These airline managements' decisions are in response to the emergency order released by the U.S. This means, passengers carrying this phone, won't be allowed to board their flights, unless they agree to submit it to the airport authorities. In another case, a family in St.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, under siege from fellow Republicans for his unwillingness to help Donald Trump, accused Democrat Hillary Clinton and liberals on Friday of seeking impose "a gloom and a grayness" on America and pursuing a government-heavy agenda for elites.

SpaceX and Boeing are supposed to start ferrying astronauts to the space station in the next year or two. NASA's launch of the Orbital/ATK OA-5 Antares/Cygnus Mission to the ISS is set to happen this Sunday. The Antares will carry up a Cygnus cargo carrier, named after the swan constellation. Also of note, the International Space Station will be visible.

The Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, who has been named as successor, will also be at the procession. Accompanying Vajiralongkorn was his consort, Lt. on October 13 at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok . The country has officially entered a one-year period of mourning. But as previously speculated, no demands have been made of the private sector.

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